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Joaca online cele mai cool si mai frumoase jocuri de logica
Naruto Kage Bunshunno Jutsu
Naruto Kage Bunshunno Jutsu
The sharpness of your eyes and your concentration will be put to test in this awesome game featuring Naruto. You must keep an eye on the real Naruto as he swaps places with his clones. Stay focus a...
(Jucate: 30,641)
Presidentielle 2007
Presidentielle 2007
Pick your bet and see who will win the race.
(Jucate: 9,196)
Puzzle Freak
Puzzle Freak
This game is like monopoly but with puzzles in each turn,which adds more excitement to the game. Its like a collection of different games but you have to solve each game as fast as you can to earn ...
(Jucate: 17,399)
Quibble Race
Quibble Race
Three professional gamblers are vying for the title of " Gambler Extraordinaire". To do this, they all have to make smarter bets, better decisions, and ultimately more cash than their two...
(Jucate: 3,740)
Your goal here is to try all the RayRay stand. Click on them to stand but its not that easy because you will have to try various moves to make them all stand. You may also choose game difficulty.Go...
(Jucate: 37,101)
Sandwich Word
Sandwich Word
Guess the word that flash on the screen.
(Jucate: 31,806)
Screen Kiss
Screen Kiss
Find where the girl is...
(Jucate: 36,691)
Shadow Clone Battle
Shadow Clone Battle
Zabuza has just created clones of himself and as young Genin, choose your attack weapon with different effects on Zabuza and choose the real Zabuza and be very careful because he will fight back i...
(Jucate: 32,725)
Spiffy Speud
Spiffy Speud
Guess the most popular answers to the survey questions on each round to earn points. Just type in your answers with your keyboard. Be careful because you are only allowed 3 wrong answers. Can you s...
(Jucate: 1,721)
All you had to do is to connect all 3 houses to the water, electricity and gas suppliers by drawing the connection without crossing any lines. Do you think you know the solution? Enjoy!
(Jucate: 28,508)
Tam Tower Challenge
Tam Tower Challenge
Tam Tower Challenge is a game show-type flash game of probability and decision-making with a maximum cash prize of over $200 million.
(Jucate: 8,185)
Tennis Hangman
Tennis Hangman
Try to guess the names of the famous tennis players.
(Jucate: 36,232)
The Shell Game
The Shell Game
Fun, Cool and cute. Practice eye coordination with this fun and addicting game.
(Jucate: 35,479)
The Ultimate Video Game Quiz
The Ultimate Video Game Quiz
Do you know the titles of the classic and popular games that has been part of video game history? Well you should know because that will be put to test in this ultimate quiz. Have fun!
(Jucate: 3,549)
Trivial Blitz
Trivial Blitz
The main goal of the game is for you to find the 11 correct answers that belong to the above given category. Be careful because there are 5 wrong answers. You have to get as many money as you can b...
(Jucate: 33,225)
Two Minute Drill
Two Minute Drill
Alright, you just got the two-minute warning. You’ve got to go 80 yards to score.
(Jucate: 24,523)
Where is the Ball
Where Is The Ball
Bet some money and guess where the ball is. A good eye coordination will be helpful for you to win this fun game. Enjoy!
(Jucate: 18,469)
Where to Go
Where To Go
Guess where to go in this game. Its pure luck!
(Jucate: 16,009)
Winnie the Pooh Shadow
Winnie The Pooh Shadow
Try guess whose shadow are who.
(Jucate: 24,760)
Word Bump
Word Bump
Can you make words fast enough by clicking on the letters to form a word up to 8 letters? Bump all golden tiles on top to win. Game will end if any golden tile drops below board and you may use lik...
(Jucate: 19,336)
Word Search Gamepaly   11
Word Search Gamepaly 11
Find all colors that given on the board.
(Jucate: 23,688)
Word Search Gameplay   12
Word Search Gameplay 12
Search all names given on the right side of your screen.
(Jucate: 16,277)
Word Search Gameplay   13
Word Search Gameplay 13
Find all given animals on the right board.
(Jucate: 27,601)
Word Search Gameplay   14
Word Search Gameplay 14
Find all circus characters on the board.
(Jucate: 20,224)
Word Search Gameplay   15
Word Search Gameplay 15
Search all shapes that is given on the right side of your screen.
(Jucate: 27,746)
Word Search Gameplay   16
Word Search Gameplay 16
Find all words shown on the right side of the board.
(Jucate: 33,715)
Word Search Gameplay   17
Word Search Gameplay 17
Search all numbers that is given on the board.
(Jucate: 25,232)
Word Search Gameplay   18
Word Search Gameplay 18
Find all insects on the board.
(Jucate: 6,572)
Word Search Gameplay   19
Word Search Gameplay 19
Search all fruits scrambled on the screen.
(Jucate: 19,361)
Word Search Gameplay   20
Word Search Gameplay 20
Find out all days in a week on the board.
(Jucate: 16,174) va recomanda: