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Maze Game   Game Play 26
Maze Game Game Play 26
Help the cute puppy to reach its residence.
(Jucate: 3,706)
Maze Game   Game Play 27
Maze Game Game Play 27
Help the bat to reach its place.
(Jucate: 11,274)
Maze Game   Game Play 28
Maze Game Game Play 28
Help mickey mouse to reach the Walt Disney world.
(Jucate: 34,933)
Maze Game   Game Play 3
Maze Game Game Play 3
Help the sheep to find the fence.
(Jucate: 40,260)
Maze Game   Game Play 4
Maze Game Game Play 4
Help the penguin chick to reach his mother.
(Jucate: 43,218)
Maze Game   Game Play 5
Maze Game Game Play 5
Help the boy to reach his friend.
(Jucate: 39,269)
Maze Game   Game Play 6
Maze Game Game Play 6
Help the boy to find his lost dog.
(Jucate: 44,967)
Maze Game   Game Play 7
Maze Game Game Play 7
Park your car perfectly by using the correct way.
(Jucate: 20,969)
Maze Game   Game Play 8
Maze Game Game Play 8
Help the treasure hunter to navigate through the maze. Collect objects in the path that will help you to get the treasure.
(Jucate: 58,868)
Maze Game   Game Play 9
Maze Game Game Play 9
Guide the bee to find its hive.
(Jucate: 26,254)
Use all your escaping skills to get out of this mossy maze!
(Jucate: 2,498)
Mulan Maze
Mulan Maze
Help Mulan find her way to the exit. Rack up your points along the way by collecting the icons.
(Jucate: 21,461)
Never End
Never End
Try to find your way out of this maddening maze! Rotate the room around in order to get to the exit! Move left and right with the cursor keys.
(Jucate: 14,469)
Simpsons Pacman
Simpsons Pacman
Guide Homer around the maze, while gathering doughnuts when you gather all the doughnuts in the maze, you go onto the next level. Homer can drink a Duff beer to defeat enemies like Snake. He goes c...
(Jucate: 19,943)
Sky Mazezz
Sky Mazezz
Grab your mouse and stay focused as you guide the eye through many moving mazes. Dont hit the walls, it will make you restart the current level!!Use your mouse to click on the eye , then move it ar...
(Jucate: 22,317)
The Coffee Story
The Coffee Story
A short game of finding out what to click to progress further.
(Jucate: 4,954)
The Escape Game
The Escape Game
Get to the escape area in as few clicks of the mouse as possible without being caught in a chase with the security guard.
(Jucate: 19,196)
The Maze Game
The Maze Game
Help Lola and her friend get into the center of the maze before Charlie and Marv.
(Jucate: 42,964)
Go through different obstacles and platforms to finish each level.
(Jucate: 16,523)
Valentines Heart Sneak
Valentines Heart Sneak
Help the valentines lover to collect all the love and all the hearts!
(Jucate: 29,384)
Wiggi Maze
Wiggi Maze
Jump right into the tilting Wiggi Maze and embark on a scavenger hunt!
(Jucate: 43,455) va recomanda: